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Adhitthana is the eight of the Ten pre-requisite of Buddha-hood. "Adhitthana", literally means confirmed determination that is not shaken under any condition - like the solid rock that cannot be moved from many sides by a storm.

In his deliberate search after the pre-requisites for Buddha-hood, our Bodhisatva, as Sumedha the great Pandit, realized that pre-requisite do not end with Sacca. Advancing further, he arrived at the quality of firm determination as also a essential pre-requisite. Addressing himself as "O! Pandit Sumedha!" He said - "From this moment you shall be instated in Adhitthana. If ever you decide and determine anything, be settled in that. Therefore, now in your decision to become Buddha, be determine, quite and unalarmed". Thus did Bodhisatva fix himself up in the eight step to his highest attainment - Buddha-hood.

Aditthana acts as a foundation for all other Paramitas. Why ? Because, without a determined will no virtue like Dana, Sila, etc. can be perfected.

Determination alone is responsible for the maintenance of truthfulness. Therefore Adhitthana is placed next to Sacca in order of the pre-requisites.

As a pre-requisite Adhitthana should be based on loving kindness on all living beings, quietness and peace of mind.

Although determination in beings cab be extended either to the good or to the bad side of action, in the real metaphysical sense Adhitthana extended along evil lines shall not only put a being down the ladder of his progress, but also will ultimately be deprived of a human birth. Therefore, it should clearly be understood that Adhitthana should be direct along lines of meritorious and wholesome actions. It is this Adhitthana that develops devotion to Dhamma, right concentration and wisdom in man, which makes him heedful

Therefore Adhitthana is explained as dependent on the strength of the person's senses and sense faculty functions.

To think about deeds that act in opposition to Adhitthana, pride, and doubt in beings about the ultimate reality of Dhamma act as causes to make Adhitthana impure.

He who is properly instated in Adhitthana will not give up his decision even if his body were to break down. When a person make a way to engage in some good work, very often troubles befall him and he alters his decision. But, Bodhisatva overcome all such troubles by his perfect Adhitthana.

Originally it is admitted that the real good benefits of any undertaking cannot be realized by any effort devoid of proper application and firm determination to attain such success. A person with a wavering mind cannot succeed in any undertaking like the one who applies himself properly and with a determination will. Therefore, may every one who wished to succeed in each one's efforts either for worldly upliftment or supramundane happiness be instated in Adhitthana !.