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Upekkha is the Tenth and the last of the Ten Pre-requisites, as explained in the Doctrine, for the attainment of Buddha-hood.

"Upekkha" literally means "equanimity". It is further explained as follows : -

Based on the pre-requisite of loving kindness Bodhisatva observed Upekkha towards all living beings alike, without the slightest partial feeling toward any particular one. He maintained equal balance of thought in respect of profit or loss, good or evil respect of insult, happiness or sorrow, without being even slightly moved by the one or the other. Just as this great earth is alike to all being, who cleans it or dirties it, in the same way, he who practices Upekkha remains unchanged and uninfluenced in the observance of his mental equilibrium an respect of all matters whether worldly or super-worldly. As this pre-requisite helps the maintenance of Metta in its full and proper sense and gives it a better shine. Upekkha is placed next to Metta in order of the pre-requisites.

The Lord has said : -

"Attahi attano nathi: Kuto putta kuto dhanam ?"

(When one cannot claim himself as his own, how can he say "my son or my wealth ?") Thus, this doctrine teach us that impartial attitude based on loving kindness to all living beings alike is the best medium to get rid of craving, anger and ignorance and lead the way to final emancipation, Nibbana.