During the New Year of 1991, my wife and I have printed the lecture of Luang-Paw Plien Panyapatipo on "How to Get Good results from Doing Merit" in Thai. The book has been printed from the original version previously done by other Buddhist groups. At that time, a great deal of merit-minded Buddhists jointly donated financial help in the printing to be offered to Luang-Paw Plient for the distribution to those interested in Dhamma alms. Luang-Paw would like this Thai copy be translated into English as mentioned in the preface. My wife and I volunteered to manage it.

 The first draft has been translated by Ajaan Benja Chanpaibool Jeensnga who is our colleague at the Faculty of Education, Srinakharinwirot University. She has done much merit this time. She has had health problem fighting cancer. With her trust and faith in Buddhism, she has been doing merit and practising meditation with a hope to be enlightened in Buddhism and to use Dhamma medication to help cure her cancerous disease. So when I asked her to do the translation, she happily accepted it without any hesitation. With her own faith in Buddhism and help from Khun Wanchai Jeensngar , she perseveringly finished the first draft.

After much editorial work, that we put into the first draft, we seemed happy with it. We presented it to Luang-Paw and asked for permission to get it printed. With the transcendent virtues of Luang-Paw, the financial support for the first edition has been immense. The list of donators will be at the end of the book.

If there is any fault in this version either from our ignorance or any inappropriate deed that may hurt Buddhism, Luang-Paw or any people, then please accept apologies from the staff and myself.

Referring to Buddhist Triple Gems, the most highly worshipped in Buddhism and Dhamma transcendent virtues of Luang-Paw Plien Panyapatipo, may all who have been involved in this book to be successful in all of their good deeds.

May the merit of this translation with transcendent virtues on endurance, wisdom and alms help Ajaan Benja to be healthy again and also help her to meet her ultimate aim in this life which is to be enlightened in Dhamma.


Patom & Patra Nikamanon

August 31, 1991.


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